Meet the Chiropractor

Chiropractic has been a part of Dr Peter's life since the age of 5. His parents started taking him and his brothers to a chiropractor from an early age because someone had said that chiropractic care may help with immune and lung function. Dr Peter was often sick and had mild asthma as a child, but his parents noticed such a significant difference in his general health and well being that Chiropractic care then became a regular part of their lives. 


Dr Peter decided early on that he wanted to be a Chiropractor. His fascination with how the human body worked and his desire to help people made Chiropractic a pretty easy decision.  After completing a Science degree in Brisbane, he moved to New Zealand to study his Chiropractic degree.  Since graduating he's had the pleasure of taking care of many different people in a variety of clinics;  from the Gold Coast, to Dublin, back to Brisbane, St George, up to Gladstone, and now to Underwood. Dr Peter grew up in Eight Mile Plains so is extremely happy to be back in this part of Brisbane.


Dr Peter looks forward to sharing with you the many benefits that Chiropractic care can offer.  


Dr Peter Bertram

B.SC (Biomedical Science)



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