Here at Underwood Chiropractic Centre we pride ourselves on taking great care of our patients.  Whether you're after short-term symptomatic relief or longer-term wellness/maintenence care, we can provide the quality chiropractic care that you're looking for. 


Our Chiropractor, Dr Peter Bertram, uses a wide range of Chiropractic techniques, from the traditional manual techniques through to the more gentle approaches using adjusting instruments and soft-tissue releases.  So depending on your condition or preference, there's a safe and effective approach for every individual.  


We are a family friendly clinic and encourage everyone, regardless of age, to keep their spine as healthy as possible.  Afterall, a healthy spine and nervous system is integral to a proper functioning body.  

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      Wednesday           CLOSED

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      Friday                8-11am     2-5pm

      Saturday           8-11am  (every 2nd Sat)

      Sunday                   CLOSED

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Dr Peter Bertram

Underwood Chiropractic Centre Chiropractor